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  • Science

Subject: Physics 

At Dr.N.Dharam Singh PU College we Design to complement theoretical learning with hands-on experimentation, this state-of-the-art facility provides students with the tools and resources they need to deepen their understanding of the fundamental principles of physics.

Physics Lab is equipped with Equipment and Instruments and we also take care of Safety Protocols and guidelines.

Subject: Chemistry

In Chemistry theory comes to life through experimentation, observation, and analysis. It’s a dynamic and interactive environment where students can develop critical thinking skills, hone their problem-solving abilities, and cultivate a passion for discovery. Whether they’re aspiring Chemists or simply curious minds, all students are welcome to explore the wonders of the universe in our Chemistry Lab.

Subject: Mathematics

“I can think of two good criteria … for deciding what to teach: whether the knowledge gives a sense of delight and whether it bestows the gift of intellectual travel beyond the information given, in the sense of containing within it the basis of generalization.”
—Jerome Bruner

Mathematics is a discipline with the potential for important insights, beautiful symmetries, and unexpected discoveries. All of our students are capable of experiencing this potential for themselves. From 2021, Mathematics project provided mathematicians as mentors and curricular materials to help teachers and students explore the full richness of our discipline together.

The Principles and Standards list five processes which make it possible for students to work as mathematicians: problem solving, reasoning and proving, communicating, making connections, and creating representations. These skills can be experienced in an integrated fashion through research efforts in which students solve problems and then pose new questions that extend and generalize their initial efforts.


Computer science is a popular topic of study today, with numerous applications spanning a wide range. Computer science is an ever-evolving field with various topics and project ideas for computer science. We incorporate the Computer Science Principles especially when having class discussions so students can clearly see course goals. – Creativity, Abstraction, Data and Information, Algorithms, Programming, The Internet and Global Impact.